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Las Vegas Sheriff (Clark County Sheriff) Candidate Tim Bedwell Blasts Sheriff Lombardo’s Handling of Las Vegas Shooting Investigation

LAS VEGAS, MARCH 6, 2018.  Las Vegas Sheriff (Clark County Sheriff) Candidate, Tim Bedwell appeared today on Hidden Truth: Las Vegas Shooter, a new podcast from RealKast media, launching into his first detailed public attack of Sheriff Lombardo’s handling of the Las Vegas shooting investigation. He criticized Lombardo’s release of multiple incorrect timelines, suggesting that he may have been trying to protect his department. “Everyone deserves to know what the actual proven timeline is. If it looks bad for the response, then the response needs to be better. But we can’t change the timeline simply for convenience.” 

He also noted that the Las Vegas Sheriff Lombardo misled the public when he implied that alleged shooter Stephen Paddock was killed by police rather than by suicide.  “I don’t know why the Sheriff would standup at a press conference and say our officers engaged him and he is deceased. An engagement means you shot him.” 

He also was critical of Metro command’s response to the shooting, noting in particular the decision to delay in breaching the shooter’s door, a delay which could have had disastrous consequences had Paddock resumed shooting. “They should have went in the door right away. If that was a Command decision not to, then Command needs to fo back to training.”

Las Vegas Sheriff candidate Bedwell was also critical of Mandalay Bay’s security. “As soon as a blockaded door was discovered in the stairwell, the police should have been called immediately,” he asserts. “You do not investigate that with an unarmed guard.” And he criticized the hotel for allowing Paddock to use the service elevator to bring an extraordinary number of bags to the room. “That is a no no. It is done for high rollers to allow them to feel privileged. I can’t fathom how personnel did not inquirer about his bags or at least report it to supervision.”

Going forward, Bedwell thinks there needs to be a change in how the department polices the strip and end the era of special treatment.  “A problem that has long gone on is that the Strip is treated differently. We don’t use standard police practices on the Strip. We don’t utilize beat officers. Rather, hotels rely primarily on their own off duty police.”

For future large outdoor events, extraordinary measures must now be considered. “I think snipers on rooftops needs to be part of the conversation.”

Until changes are made, Bedwell fears that tourism will not fully return to the Strip.  “People will not feel safe until we get a handle on this.”

The full interview can be heard at  http://hiddentruthshow.com/las-vegas-shooter/episodes/

Hidden Truth: Las Vegas Shooter is a weekly podcast series which dives deeply into the largest mass shooting in American history to discover the truth, irrespective of politics, religion, or agenda. It has been months since terror struck the Vegas strip, yet we still do not know who did it, how, or why.

RealKast is a new media company based in Encino, CA specializing in podcast series production and distribution.

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  1. Karey Larkin
    Karey Larkin says:

    Amazing interview. I have watched all the others and I look forward to the release of more information from your show. Thank you for making this a priority to seek the truth!


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