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Air Force Academy BLM video not ‘political’?

December 8, 2020 – Exclusive: Jim Breslo talks to general working to get coaches’ ‘woke’ footage removed By Jim Breslo Much has been written about how America’s universities have been infiltrated by radical leftists who have created a campus environment of political correctness, wokeness, cancel culture, critical race theory and socialism. However, one would assume […]

Californians rein in their far-left leaders – really!

November 11, 2020 – Exclusive: Jim Breslo explains 5 propositions voters used to bring some sanity to the Golden State By Jim Breslo California voters have again handed Democrats a super-majority in the state legislature, which will further empower them to pursue their radical progressive agenda. Bizarrely, at the same time these voters rejected the […]

Retired general counters Biden laptop ‘disinformation’ claim

October 27, 2020 – Exclusive: Jim Breslo interviews family friend of repair shop owner about computer’s contents By Jim Breslo At Thursday’s presidential debate, Joe Biden boldly doubled down on the unsubstantiated, and frankly laughable, contention that Russia is behind the damaging emails found on Hunter Biden’s laptop. “There are 50 former national intelligence folks […]

How Trump came to embrace hydroxychloroquine

September 25, 2020 – Exclusive: Jim Breslo interviews doctor involved in getting HCQ info to President By Jim Breslo Dozens of books will be written about COVID-19 and the world’s handling of the pandemic. At the top of the list of controversial subjects related to the virus may well be hydroxychloroquine (HCQ). It came to […]

Black Lives Matter got training from Muslim terrorists

August 31, 2020 – Exclusive: Jim Breslo talks to Robert Spencer about how 2 movements share the same strategy By Jim Breslo Upon the NBA’s return this weekend every player knelt during the national anthem while wearing a “Black Lives Matter” T-shirt. What is not clear is whether they intended to show their support for […]

3 lesser-known Cuomo orders that caused COVID deaths

August 25, 2020 – Exclusive: Jim Breslo interviews author of revealing new book, ‘Undercover Epicenter Nurse’ By Jim Breslo Last week New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced he was writing a book, “American Crisis,” to be released before the November election, about his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. That same day another book was released […]

David Horowitz: BLM/Antifa far more dangerous than ’60s radicals

August 4, 2020 – Exclusive: Jim Breslo interviews former leftist about Democratic Party’s ‘communist agenda’ By Jim Breslo No one knows leftist radicals better than David Horowitz, the former Marxist, Black Panther advocate and editor of the New Left’s Ramparts magazine who had a political conversion and became a world-renowned conservative author and activist. He says […]

Union chief: Black Lives Matter is an ‘anti-police hate group’

June 10, 2020 – Exclusive: Jim Breslo interviews LA Protective League’s director about mayor’s ‘killers’ comment By Jim Breslo On the heels of the death of George Floyd, we hear calls around the country to “defund” police departments. Los Angeles was the first to announce it intends to do exactly that. Mayor Eric Garcetti said […]

9 Alien and UFO Podcasts That Will Abduct Your Mind

May 29, 2020 – Have you ever seen something moving in the night sky that you just knew wasn’t an airplane or a shooting star? What about those occasional strange and strong feelings that you’re being watched by someone… or something? Most of us have experienced seemingly unexplainable phenomena during our lives. One of the most […]