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April 5, 2018 – LAS VEGAS (FOX5) –

For the first time, one of the brothers of the Las Vegas shooter opened up to media. Bruce Paddock is facing child pornography charges in Los Angeles. That’s where he talked to the host of a new podcast, Hidden Truth Show.

Bruce Paddock, Stephen Paddock’s brother, discussed the 1 October mass shooting that left 58 people dead at the Route 91 Harvest Festival. He also provided an inside look into their family life and how the shooter lived his life prior to the largest mass shooting in recent American history.

Paddock described the shooter as the “controlling brother.” He reportedly disciplined his siblings more often than their mother did and believes that “pain and loss” led Stephen to commit the mass shooting.

“I have to presume what happened was pain and loss of a lot of things. Loss of ability to control everything because he was always the controlling brother, seven years older than us, raised us, took care of us,” Paddock said. “[Stephen] was the father and he was mom’s best choice. He had the bright red Volkswagen all the neighbors wanted, always in school.”

During the interview, Paddock recounted the night he found out about the mass shooting.

“I woke up at two in the morning for my 2 o’clock medicine, saw that CNN and every channel had this shooting. I looked again and they said Stephen Paddock,” he said in disbelief.

“I called my mom and my mom answered the phone and I said ‘Is that Steve?’ And she said, ‘I guess so,’” Bruce said. “I asked her ‘Was he sick like me?’ And she didn’t want to talk about it.”


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