Official Sequence of Events – From The Police Report Filed January 18, 2018

The details listed below were gathered from several different sources*. For the purpose of this section, the sequence of events will begin on September 25th when Paddock checked into the Mandalay Bay and end with the LVMPD officers making entry into Paddock’s room. All times in this section are approximates based upon different time sources and different time stamps which were all utilized to document this section of the report. All dates and times listed below occurred in the year 2017.

On or around September 9th Paddock made his room reservation for a Vista Suite ending in 235 but not a specific floor. On September 20th Paddock was internally** assigned to room 33-235. On September 21st Paddock was internally changed to room 32-235. On September 24th Paddock was assigned to room 32-135.

* LVMPD Officer Body Worn Cameras; UBER Video; Interviews to include officers, civilians & Mandalay Bay Employees; Mandalay Bay Video Surveillance; Lock Interrogation Documents; Cell Phone Videos & Records.
* All internal changes to Paddock’s rooms were done by a Mandalay Bay computer without Paddock’s knowledge.