Bruce Paddock Breaks His Silence About His Brother, THE LAS VEGAS SHOOTER

In an incredible, extensive, in studio interview, Hidden Truth host Jim Breslo speaks with Bruce Paddock, the third of four brothers. He agreed to sit down with Hidden Truth and tell his story for the first time.

Bruce Paddock sat down for his first ever recorded interview about his brother Stephen Paddock, the alleged Las Vegas shooter. The interview was conducted by Jim Breslo, host of Hidden Truth: Las Vegas Shooter (, a podcast by RealKast media ( which has as its mission to determine the who, what, and why of the Las Vegas Shooting. In his first ever recorded interview, Bruce Paddock breaks down as he talks for the first time about why he thinks his brother did it, the “sickness” which he believes both he and his brother suffered from, where he was when he learned, and his eight-hour interview with the FBI. He also emotionally relates how, at the age of 19, his mother told him and Stephen for the first time that his father, a bank robber on the FBI’s most wanted list, was actually alive, not dead as she had always told them. He also relays his deep sorrow for the victims and their families and talks about his guilty feelings for not being able to stop his brother. Incredibly, he also speculates that this was not the first time his brother brought weapons into the Mandalay Bay hotel.

In the clip provided ( he talks about when he first learned of the shooting. A clean version of this and additional clips are available upon request (subject to the terms below). The first half of the interview can be heard now on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, and other podcast players and at In addition, Jim Breslo is available for interviews regarding how he landed the interview despite the fact that Paddock is facing a felony charge for possession of child pornography, and what it was like to spend almost two hours with the brother.

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