Episode #18 - 6/25/2018

Elvis Monroe, Route91 Survivor

In the final regular episode of Las Vegas Shooter, Jim summarizes all we have learned, what is still unknown, and provides his opinion as to what really happened that night. He also interviews Bryan Hopkins, lead singer of the country music band Elvis Monroe about being at the festival that night. He was with his guitarist Ben Carey in front of the stage when Carey was shot. They perform the song “The Fight” which they wrote for the victims, providing a fitting and emotional cap to the Las Vegas Shooting deep dive.
Laura Loomer Las Vegas Shooting CroudSourceThe Truth
Laura Loomer Las Vegas Shooting CroudSourceThe Truth

Episode #17 - 6/18/2018

Laura Loomer, Investigtor

What Happens In Vegas author and Dangerous.com reporter Laura Loomer provides stunning new evidence from documents just released by Las Vegas Police. We also announce the beginning of the Hidden Truth show’s second season: A deep dive into the hidden truth behind the Transgender Movement. It was the T in LGBT that no one talked about, but it is now centerstage and changing the face of America. Who and what is behind this movement which seems to have moved beyond acceptance to promotion.

Episode #16 - 6/11/2018

James Garbarino, Professor of Psychology

Jim explains the hidden truth behind Las Vegas’ top newspaper incredibly endorsing current Sheriff Lombardo for reelection in light of his utter failure to provide the public with basic information about the shooting investigation. Big surprise: It comes down to money! And Professor James Garbarino, a 25 year psychological expert witness in murder cases, applies his knowledge to the case in an attempt to understand how Paddock became a mass murderer.
Las Vegas Review Journal

Episode #15 - 6/4/2018

Heather Gooze, Route91 Survivor

We dig deeper into Police failure to explain contradicting stories from the night of the shooting and cover the latest court battles over release of information. We talk to Bruce Paddock about his brother Eric’s mysterious call to the Police five days after the shooting. And we have an uplifting interview with Heather Gooze, a bartender at the festival who risked her life to help a stranger. Sadly, Jordan McIldoon died in her arms. But what she did after he died makes her one of the most amazing heroes of the October 1 massacre.

Episode #14 - 5/28/2018

Andrew Bringuel, Former FBI

The 2,100 pages of witness and police statements released this week by the Las Vegas Police as a result of the Nevada Supreme Court’s order show a huge discrepancy as to police response to the shooting. Police Officer Hendrix, who happened to be at the Mandalay Bay when the shooting began, states in his report that he immediately went to the 31st Floor and heard shooting one floor above him. However, a Mandalay Bay Security Supervisor who was with him told the FBI that the two of them went to the 32nd Floor and were on the floor for at least two minutes as shots were being fired! Are the Police trying to cover up the fact that they were on Paddock’s floor during the shooting and thus could have intercepted the shooter and saved an untold number of lives? Is this why the Police fought so hard against releasing the documents? We investigate to find the hidden truth with Doug Poppa, former police officer and head of security for numerous Strip casinos. We also talk to Andrew Bringuel, a 27 year veteran of the FBI’s behavioral science unit who examines the mind of shooter Stephen Paddock.

Episode #13 - 5/21/2018

Ramsey Denison, Documentary Filmmaker

Ramsey Denison grew up in Satellite Beach, Florida and became interested in the film and television business when he got a job at WBCC TV68 at the age of 18. In 2004, he moved to Los Angelesand worked as a data entry clerk and was so poor he ran out of gas 3 times on LA freeways.

In 2005, Ramsey’s luck turned around when the one person he knew in Los Angeleswho worked in the entertainment business got him a job as an assistant editor on behind the scenes documentaries. Denison worked his way up to editor and cut behind the scenes documentaries and promos for movies like Be Cool, The Hills Have Eyes,High School Musical 2, Sky High, and The Family Stone.

Ramsey broke into television as an editor on A&E’s hit show Criss Angel Mindfreak and has since worked on programs like Deadliest Warrior, Catfish: Untold Stories, and Naked and Afraid. In 2017, he directed What Happened In Vegas, an award-winning documentary about police corruption in Las Vegas that opened in theaters in New York and Los Angeles and got positive reviews from Los Angeles Times, LA Weekly, The Hollywood Reporter, The Village Voice and many other publications. The movie was acquired for distribution by Journeyman Pictures (VOD, Theatrical, DVD) and The Video Project (educational).

Photo by Max Efrein.

Episode #12 - 5/14/2018

Kenneth Williams, FBI agent and Author

We speak to Kenneth Williams, a 30-year veteran of the FBI who was a central figure in the 9/11 investigation. He wrote the “Phoenix Memo” which warned FBI headquarters a full two months prior to the 9/11 attacks that Muslim extremists tied to Osama Bin Laden had enrolled in flight schools in Arizona. No action was taken as a result of the memo, which is cited as one of the key intelligence failures leading up to the 9/11 attack. Williams provides a fascinating analysis of the Las Vegas Shooting. He goes out of his way in an attempt to discredit conspiracy theories, and gives very little credence to ISIS’s claim of responsibility despite the terror group’s track record.

EMAIL: dougpoppa@gmail.com

Episode #11 - 5/7/2018

Doug Poppa, Author, Reporter

Doug Poppa is a US Army Military Police Veteran, former law enforcement officer, criminal investigator and private sector security and investigations management professional with 40 years of experience. In 1986 Mr. Poppa was awarded “Criminal Investigator of the Year” by the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office in Virginia for his undercover work in narcotics enforcement. He was also re-assigned to the Northern Virginia Regional Narcotics Enforcement Task Force for 18 months. In 1991 and again in 1992 Mr. Poppa’s testimony under oath in court led to the discovery that exculpatory evidence was withheld from the defense by the prosecutor and sheriff’s office officials during the 1988 trial of a man accused of attempted murder of his wife that led to his conviction. As a result of his testimony the man was ordered released from prison, given a new trial in 1992 and found not guilty. Mr. Poppa became the subject of local and national news media attention as a result of his testimony which led to the demise of his 12-year police career. After losing his job, at the request of the FBI, Mr. Poppa infiltrated in an undercover capacity a group of men who were plotting the kidnapping of a Dupont Chemical fortune heir and his wife in 1992. His stories have been featured on Inside Edition, A Current Affair, and CBS News’ Street Stories with Ed Bradley.

EMAIL: dougpoppa@gmail.com

Episode #10 - 4/30/2018

Veryan S. Khan, President and Editorial Director

United States

Ms. Khan is widely consulted and cited for her expertise in open source collection of militant and jihadist source material by not only international media, but domestic and international intelligence, law enforcement, military, government and corporate security entities. She is credited as a “first” in identifying major trends within extremist communities. In 2015, for example, Ms. Khan identified that the trend of jihadist communication on social media had shifted to Telegram, and as such TRAC became the first to underscore the matrix of militant networks on Telegram and, as early adapters, were able to actively survey, archive, and decipher messaging from its genesis there.
Ms. Khan conceptualized the complex online archive infrastructure that eventually became TRAC while completing her Master’s thesis at Georgia State University in 1996, “The Philosophy of Terrorism,” a ground-breaking work in the pre 9-11 era. Painstakingly collecting, vetting, analyzing, and cataloguing data into militant groups and political violence, Ms. Khan’s work foreshadowed the massive shift in intelligence collection focus following the attacks by al-Qaeda on the United States in 2001.
Since that time, Ms. Khan has been accumulating embedded contacts within jihadist communities and organizing a source presence spanning the globe. She led and innovated TRAC’s first-in-class work mapping of the entire Islamic State governance, infrastructure and brigades that gained international attention. Ms. Khan has been asked to advise on innumerable current events creating headlines, including at least two critically acclaimed documentaries on IS and AQAP.

Ms. Khan is an authority on urban assaults and cell structure among jihadists. Though she began her concentration on jihadism in the Af/Pak region, she specializes on jihadist terrorist groups in Maghreb and the Sahel, Pacific Rim and the Middle East. While developing TRAC, she also edited the 4-volume Beacham’s Encyclopedia of Social Change.

TRAC Twitter: @TRACterrorism

Episode #9 - 4/24/2018

Police Reports of Additional Shooters: Astounding Actual Police Scanner Audio Clips from Night of Shooting

We speak with Bob from www.tenone2017.com and examine 25 audio clips taken from over 60 hours of police scanner audio from the night of the shooting. Police are called to the Bellagio, New York New York, Tropicana, and Hard Rock hotels to address active shooter reports. The Las Vegas Police acknowledge these reports, but to this day have yet to issue any report regarding what they encountered at these locations. How is this possible?! We investigate it with someone who has archived everything ever written or recorded about the shooting, including many items which have since been taken down from the internet.

Episode #8 - 4/16/2018

Las Vegas Review Reporters Who Were on Site the Night of the Shooting; Dissecting Brother Eric Paddock’s Interview

Rachel Crosby is a general assignment reporter with a focus on criminal justice. The University of Florida graduate and Las Vegas native cut her teeth at internships with the Tampa Bay Times and Chicago Tribune before starting at the Review-Journal as a nightside crime reporter and columnist in 2015. Her work has helped document the scope of the Oct. 1 mass shooting.

Mike Shoro covers breaking news and violence during the evenings. He previously reported breaking news overnight for the Review-Journal. A University of Nebraska-Lincoln graduate, and a Chicago suburbs native. Prior to joining the R-J, he worked at several news organizations in Nebraska. Father to an unruly rabbit.


Episode #7 - 4/9/2018

Psychopath Inside Author Dr. James Fallon Provides Unique Inside into Mind and Motive of Shooter in Episode 7 of Hidden Truth: Las Vegas Shooter, Released Today

Dr. Fallon carried out his Ph.D. training in neuroanatomy and neurophysiology at the University of Illinois College of Medicine, and his postdoctoral training in chemical neuroanatomy at UC San Diego. He is Professor of Anatomy and Neurobiology at UC Irvine where he has served as Chairman of the University faculty and Chair and President of the School of Medicine faculty. He is a Sloan Scholar, Senior Fulbright Fellow, National Institutes of Health Career Awardee, and recipient of a range of honorary degrees, awards, and sits on several corporate boards and national think tanks for science, biotechnology, the arts, and the US military. He is a Subject Matter Expert in the field of “cognition and war” to the Pentagon’s Joint Command.


Episode #7 - 4/9/2018

FBI Special Agent Chris Quick provides expert analysis on the status of the FBI investigation

FBI Special Agent Chris Quick provides expert analysis on the status of the FBI investigation, now six months old but with still yet up to another six months to go.  Quick notes that the FBI is focused on any connection between the shooting and terrorism. While thus far the FBI has not announced any connection between ISIS and the shooting, he also noted that if the FBI believes this incident may be linked to a terror cell, it could choose to withhold information on the connection.

Quick was a Special Agent with the FBI in Charleston, South Carolina.  He led the Dylann Roof white supremacist shooting in Charleston, SC investigation and supervised the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force. He was also the FBI Terrorist Finance Coordinator for the State of South Carolina, where he was responsible for conducting research of bank suspicious activity reports, data research, and analysis to identify terrorist financing support structures. In 2011, Chris completed terrorism training from the Israel Security Agency (ISA) in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Episode #6 - 4/1/2018

Part II – Shooter’s Brother Provides Possible Motive: Incredible Part II of Bruce Paddock Interview

On the six month anniversary of the Shooting, we recognize the victims of the shooting. We interview a couple who barely made it out alive.  Harry Romero, there enjoying a great weekend with his wife Claudia, was shot in both legs. They finally made it to a hospital, but that is just the beginning of the story. Then it is Part II of our exclusive interview with the shooter’s brother, Bruce Paddock, in his first ever sit down interview about the shooting. He talks about his brother’s obsession with guns and money, ISIS, and more about what he believes to be the real motive: REVENGE.

Las Vegas Shooting Harry and Claudia Romero

Episode #6 - 4/1/2018

Claudia and Harry Romero

Mr. and Mrs. Romero recount their harrowing story . Harry, trying to shied his wife, Claudia, was shot. The bullet rioted through both of this legs. Still, he and his wife were able to make the way to a parking lot where a Good Samaritan drove them to a hospital.

Episode #5 - 3/23/2018

Part I – Exclusive, First Ever Sit-Down Interview with Bruce Paddock, Brother of Alleged Shooter

In an incredible, extensive, in studio interview, we talk to Bruce Paddock, the third of four brothers. He currently faces felony charges for possession of child pornography here in Los Angeles. He agreed to sit down with us and tell his story for the first time. Also, we talk to Catherine Lombardo, attorney for victims suing the Mandalay Bay and MGM, about the highly edited video released this week by MGM of surveillance footage showing Stephen Paddock’s activities leading up to the shooting.

Episode #5 - 3/23/2018

Catherine R. Lombardo

Personal Injury | Accident Injuries Trial Lawyer

Catherine Lombardo, Esq. is currently representing a group of Californians shot at by Stephen Paddock against Stephen Paddock, his estate, the hotels and the promoters. See: http://people.com/crime/las-vegas-shooting-victims-sue-mgm-mandalay-bay-live-nation/.

Catherine R. Lombardo, Esq. advocates for the kids who fell ill at the Children’s Dental Group in Anaheim and the victims of the Route 91 Las Vegas Shooting Massacre against Stephen Paddock, MGM and Live Nation.

Rated Among the Best Southern California Plaintiff-Side Trial Attorneys – Catherine R. Lombardo, Esq. has practiced jury trials for over 25 years. Having performed more than complete trials, Ms. Lombardo has worked for the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office and the San Bernardino County Public Defender’s Office. Attorney Lombardo has served as a Judge Pro Tem in both Los Angeles and San Bernardino County since 1996.

Representing clients of The Napolin Law Firm pursuing maximum compensation against the insurance companies comes as second nature for Ms. Lombardo. Her aggressive and professional trial work makes her a formidable adversary for any insurance attorney, fighting for money damages for her clients.

Call Now To Speak Directly With Catherine R. Lombardo, Esq.: Call 1-909-325-6032.


Episode #4 - 3/19/2018

Professor and Author Jeffrey Simon on Lone Wolf Terrorism

Jeffrey D. Simon is an internationally recognized author, lecturer, and consultant on terrorism and political violence. He is president of Political Risk Assessment Company, Inc., and a visiting lecturer in the Department of Political Science at UCLA. He is the author of two critically acclaimed books on terrorism, Lone Wolf Terrorism: Understanding the Growing Threat and The Terrorist Trap: America’s Experience with Terrorism. His writings on terrorism, political violence, and political risk have appeared in many publications, including the Journal of the American Medical Association, Foreign Policy, Jane’s Intelligence Review, and the New York Times.

A former RAND analyst, Dr. Simon has conducted research and analysis on terrorism for thirty years. He has lectured and given workshops on terrorism to university audiences, law enforcement and military personnel, the emergency services, and the medical community both in the United States and overseas. He has worked with the U.S. Army on many projects, including the Human, Social, Culture, Behavior (HSCB) Modeling Program; the Soft Target Exploitation Fusion (STEF) Program, particularly in designing scenarios and intelligence tools to track high-value terrorists and extremists; conducting studies on innovations in terrorist tactics, strategies, weapons, and targets; analysis of the growing threat of lone wolf terrorism; identifying strategies of terrorists and insurgents to defeat biometric technologies; and developing strategies for dealing with the global IED (Improvised Explosive Device) threat.

Dr. Simon is also on the editorial board of the Journal of Terrorism and Political Violence. He earned a B.A. in History from the University of California at Berkeley, an M.A. in Political Science from Indiana University, and a Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Southern California.  Many media outlets have interviewed him, including CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, CBS Sunday Morning, NPR, New York Times, Washington Post, and Los Angeles Times. His website can be found at www.futureterrorism.com.


Episode #4 - 3/19/2018

Report Don Bishoff Knew Shooter’s Father

Don Bishoff worked for The Register-Guard in Eugene, Oregon for 38 years. At various times, he was a reporter, drama critic, assistant city editor, associate editor, and — for the final 17 years — city/region columnist. He has been retired from the paper for 19 years, and spends his waning days on the internet, on the golf course, and at the poker table. In the latter two locations, he is usually without success.

Laura Loomer Las Vegas Shooting CroudSourceThe Truth

Episode #3 - 3/12/2018

Laura Loomer

Investigative Journalist, Former Project Veritas operative, Proud American Jew. She has become an outspoken defender of Libertarian ideas and a fearless independent investigator. She has most recently been working with Jason Goodman and CroudSourceTheTruth YouTube channel on various projects. She has been especially active in tracking down answers to the many lingering questions that surround the October 1, 2017 Las Vegas Shooting.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/laura.loomer.9

Twitter: @LauraLoomer


Episode #3 - 3/12/2018

Joe Napoli

God 1st! Truth seeker, Dad, Husband, & Executive Recruiter – The most appreciable asset in any organization are its people. Joe has a successful career as a software industry recruiter. On the side, however, he has been lending his investigative and research talents to CroudSourceTheTruth YouTube channel. Joe has been investigating the Las Vegas Shooting in particular since he was at the event with his wife and friends.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/joe.napoli.961

Twitter: @joenapoli7

Tim Bedwell Las Vegas Sheriff Lias Vegas Shooting

Episode #2 - 3/6/2018

Clark County Sheriff Candidate, Officer Tim Bedwell

Tim Bedwell has dedicated four decades to serving the needs of the public. Roughly half that time as an active duty Marine and the other half as a sworn peace officer.

Tim knew at an early age he would serve his country. He says, “My dad and mom taught me to respect others and gave me the desire to protect our Nation and its values.” Tim describes it as a calling to give back in honor of those who gave before him.

My father fought in the Pacific as a Marine in World War II. I knew at an early age that I would follow Dad’s model and serve my country.

In 1975 Tim joined the United States Marine Corps. During his twenty-year military career, Tim served his country honorably and with distinction including five years leading United States Marines as a Gunnery Sergeant, assigned to U.S. Embassies in Madagascar, Jamaica, and Greece.

Website: http://bedwellforsheriff.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheRealTimBedwell/

Twitter: @TimBedwell

Attorney Brian Claypool Las Vegas Shooting

Episode #1 - 2/26/2018

Victim’s Attorney and Route91 Surviver, Brian Claypool

Brian Claypool is a survivor of the horrific Las Vegas Shooting. As a single father of an 11-year-old girl, Brian did not believe he would ever see his little girl again. He was waiting to be hit by a deluge of bullets and expected to die. While Brian’s life was spared, he was heartbroken by 59 people losing their precious lives, thousands sustaining injuries and countless others living with emotional scars the rest of their lives. Grappling with the guilt of why he lived and others didn’t, Brian has channeled his grief and despair into helping those impacted by the Las Vegas Shooting.

Shortly after the shooting, Brian and several other survivors formed #Route91Strong.org. The purpose of the foundation is to provide immediate financial assistance to those who qualify. In the long term, #Route91Strong will be a resource for others who have been adversely impacted by future natural or man-made disasters. Musical fundraisers are set for Nov. 10 in Sacramento and Nov. 29 in Hollywood.

In addition, Brian is a nationally regarded trial attorney and has worked on several very high profile cases. Most recently, he was one of the lead trial attorneys in the largest single child abuse case in US history. After a 3 year battle with the largest school district in the country, his firm recovered $35 million dollars on behalf of 18 children. Brian has conducted over 100 jury trials both in state and federal Courts, most recently conducting two high profile criminal murder for hire jury trials in West Palm Beach, Florida. Brian is also a national television and radio commentator frequently appearing on FOX, CNN International, CNN and HLN.

Brian was outraged by the lack of security at the Mandalay Bay in the days leading up to the shooting. Brian stayed at the Mandalay Bay on the 25th floor. He has been collaborating with investigative reporters in Las Vegas to uncover the truth about Mandalay Bay’s egregious failure to preempt this massacre. In fact, it is Brian’s belief that by virtue of the Mandalay Bay overtly breaking its own rules to cater to a “high roller” it actually facilitated Paddock’s mission to murder as many people as possible. Make no mistake about it, had Mandalay Bay followed proper protocol for a major Las Vegas Strip Casino, its staff would have recognized “red flags” which would have prevented the shooting.

Brian is currently representing several victims of the Las Vegas Shooting. He plans to sue MGM/Mandalay Bay and Slide (the manufacturer of the bump stock). Brian has a personal stake in holding MGM accountable because he nearly lost his life and his daughter nearly lost her father. His firm will personalize your case and treat you like family. Nearly dying has galvanized Brian’s mission and purpose in life to ensure that this does NOT happen again. The only way to accomplish this is for his firm to take the MGM to the mat in civil court.

Website: http://claypoollawfirm.com/las-vegas-strong/

Twitter: @Brian_Claypool