Episode #02- 03/16/20

John Nores, author of “Hidden War: How Special Operations Game Wardens Are Reclaiming America’s Wildlands from the Drug Cartel.”

John has a Master of Science degree from San Jose State University in Criminal Justice Administration (1998), a Bachelor of Science Degree (1990) from San Jose State University in that same discipline and was inducted into SJSU’s Justice Studies Alumni Hall of Fame in November 2018.

Hard work and diligence led John to a diverse career he held for over 26 years. Beginning in 1992, he was hired as a warden for the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and retired in December of 2018 as a special operations lieutenant working directly at the state level, co-developing and leading his agency’s elite tactical unit the Marijuana Enforcement Team (MET) and developed the CDFW’s first sniper unit aimed at combatting the most environmentally damaging criminals working within California and impacting the nation.

Episode #01- 03/05/20

Johnny Welsh, Author of Weedgalized

Johnny Welsh has worked as a professional bartender in Frisco, Colorado, for over twenty years. He did so well at Syracuse University that they kept him an extra year. After five years of university study, he earned a degree in Italian Language, Literature, and Culture which has been a great prerequisite for a lifelong career in the mixology arts. He can now dictate funny bar stories in two different languages. His latest hobby is twisting these topics into books.

He is the author of Paper Maps, No Apps: An Unplugged Travel Adventure. His first book, Weedgalized in Colorado, about the legalization of marijuana in Colorado, won two awards from Readers’ Favorite.