Laura Loomer and Joe Napoli Reveal Shocking New Evidence Indicating that Vegas Shooter Did Not Act Alone

LAS VEGAS, MARCH 12, 2018.  Crowd Source the Truth reporter Joe Napoli, and Laura Loomer, author of an upcoming book about the Las Vegas shooting, provide new details today about the shooting on Hidden Truth: Las Vegas Shooter, a new podcast by RealKast media.

Napoli was at the concert and within feet of many who were shot.  He tells a harrowing story of miraculously escaping the venue without being shot.  But once outside the venue he saw other shooting victims, and shell casings!  Napoli provides compelling evidence of a potential second shooter.

Loomer is in the process of writing the book What Happens in Vegas about the shooting.  She was in Vegas during as the initial investigation was being conducted.  She asserts that there exists a very cozy relationship between the police, media, and casinos in Las Vegas which has resulted in changing timelines and a lack of critical media coverage.  She reveals evidence of gun running by the alleged shooter Stephen Paddock.  She also explains why ISIS’s claim of responsibility should be taken seriously as in her view it is the most likely explanation as to what was really behind the shooting.

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