9 Alien and UFO Podcasts That Will Abduct Your Mind

May 29, 2020 – Have you ever seen something moving in the night sky that you just knew wasn’t an airplane or a shooting star? What about those occasional strange and strong feelings that you’re being watched by someone… or something? Most of us have experienced seemingly unexplainable phenomena during our lives. One of the most common possible explanations is that aliens exist, and they are here. Alien and UFO podcasts feature professional and amateur investigators of this field of paranormal study. This subgenre of paranormal study is like a cross between unsolved mysteries, astronomy, and science fiction. If you enjoy any of those, you should check out our list of alien and UFO podcasts.

#5: Hidden Truth: Podcast Review


Hidden Truth with Jim Breslo is a deadly serious investigative podcast that delves into a wide variety of subjects. Each season of the podcast has its own subtitle and focus. Breslo has taken on the scandals of Michael Jackson, the will-it-or-won’t-it ever happen question of the California high-speed railway, the Las Vegas shooter, and much more. However, it is season 5 that interests us. Titled “Space Race”, these 17 fifty to eighty-minute episodes cover a big swathe of alien and UFO territory.

The Hosts: Jim Breslo probably qualifies by most standards as a “Renaissance man” in the podcast arena. Starting out as a civil rights attorney, he transitioned into business (lottery gaming), and then into journalism and shortly after into podcasting about subjects that he feels need a spotlight.

The Guests: While Breslo begins with a few episodes that look at the current state of the international space race, he quickly gets into the main thrust of the season. This is the “Tic Tac UFO incident”, a recorded sighting of an extremely fast-moving UFO by fighter pilots of the USS Nimitz aircraft carrier. Breslo speaks with physicists, radar technicians, documentarians, and Air Force intelligence specialists in his bid for the truth.

Why You Should Listen: Though the overall quantity of UFO podcast episodes is relatively small, the fact that Breslo expends s much effort and resources into getting as close to a final answer as possible is impressive and will satisfy many UFO enthusiasts and general listeners with the thorough approach.

Listen to Hidden Truth

Must-Listen Episodes:

BREAKING NEWS: “Tic Tac” UFO’s are Secret US Aircraft!

Naval Aviator Who First Broke Tic Tac UFO Story Shares Details from Classified Report

Dr. Jack Sarfatti: I Know How Tic Tacs Work, the US Does Not

Rating: All Ages

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